Hey Folks,
Let's start with how to exploit a JSON body which could lead to various vulnerabilities.

Most of the time when we see the application is using a JSON body, and Authorization token in Header, we forget about CORS CSRF and even Broken Access Control too, but always remember…

IIS 6.0 privilege escalation using impersonation

machine IP:

1. Scanning and Enumeration-

doing a basic scan with Nmap will give below results

Let's go beyond access to the root flag.

This machine is going to be a windows system that is vulnerable to an exploit named called EternalBlue.

EternalBlue is an exploit that allows cyber threat actors to remotely execute arbitrary code and. gain access to a network by sending specially crafted…

Hello All, this is a great time to start with OSCP preparation with the latest Hackthebox -OSCP like VM’s.

The first box which we are going to solve is — Lame so let's start with basics.

machine IP:-

  1. Scanning and Enumeration:-

doing a basic port scan with Nmap with…

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